Bio/ Artist Statement

Florence is a visual artist based in Naarm, Melbourne. She completed a PhD degree across Computer Science and Visual Art from University of Sydney in 2014. She has had a background in scientific visualisation - using visual graphics to facilitate the understanding of complex data.

Her studio-based art practice focuses on the narrative aspects of visual mediums and using subject for storytelling, primarily painting and drawing in traditional mediums. Her art practice is influenced by her cultural heritage and experience as a child learning painting in traditional mediums. Presently, she takes an interest in a variety of genre: portraiture, still life and landscape paintings that represent or is part of everyday experience. 

Artist Statement

Within my art practice, I draw inspirations from my own experiences, surroundings, or the narratives of those I am familiar with. I am compelled to use my paintings to create relatable experiences and connections for the viewers. Ultimately, I aim to use my art as a vehicle for exploring the common thread that binds us as human beings, and to the foremost, for making this world a better place.