Florence is a Melbourne based artist whose main practice is painting and drawing in traditional medium. In 2014, She received her PhD degree from University of Sydney across computer science and visual art by studying visual similarity that lies among different types of digital art imageries. Besides art, she had a career in science. Presently, she takes an interest in portraiture and still life, and urban landscape painting.

"I refer myself as a painter, data nerd and life-long learner :) "

“As an artist, I am interested in the narrative aspects of visual mediums. Having worked with digital medium for more than a decade, my current art practice has a focus on studio based traditional practice, mostly in pencil/charcoal drawings and acrylic/oil paintings. Beyond the visual qualities, I am a believer in arts with great psychological depth and their story telling power to the intended audience. I hope to carry that belief into my day-to-day art practice."